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Sai Messages For You and Me .
Why do you gather here for My birthday, dear children? Is it to see the light? Some of you have seen the light; others are aware that the light exists and now they must find it and follow the only path that will lead them back to divinity and the ultimate merging of the soul with the Lord. I am that light and I am everywhere. I am here as you read these words. Just pause for a few moments and try to feel and experience My omnipresence.
This is the secret, the mystery of life; to experience the omnipresence of the Lord, for it brings with it the opening to a new life, that is, a life in the infinite presence of the Lord. In that state the Lord takes care of you and your whole life. It is the choice of a life in isolation and obscurity, or life in the everlasting presence of the Lord. You have that choice and only you can bring about the change.
Meditate on these thoughts, talk to the Lord at every opportunity during the day, and then He will come to you. Become aware of His presence everywhere, in everyone and everything, and the fact that in reality there is only God. All other thoughts are a form of illusion.
Love is the path to God for true love is God. Bring love into your lives, love one another and then you will prepare the way for God to walk beside you on that long journey that leads back to the
divine state.

Birthdays are days when you celebrate an aspect of creation, in this case, the birth of the Sai Avatar.
On this auspicious day you should concentrate on that form, the Sai Avatar, and contemplate exactly how you relate to Him at the present moment.
Some of you are new devotees, some have been devotees for many years, but all are My children. All are on the same path and you will only find that path through the Sai Avatar and the teachings which are now so well known.
Look back and consider what changes have taken place in your life since you found Me. Have you really changed and does your present way of life reflect an understanding of who you really are? Is the process of change continuing day by day and are you drawing closer to Me as each day passes?
Truth, Righteousness, Peace, Love and Non-Violence are what I teach, and service to fellow man, which must follow as the heart opens and you begin to treat and see others as yourself, all one, all God. So, My birthday should be a day of celebration and contemplation, the latter being more important.
I have said many times that My life is My message and you too should be able to say the same thing, that your life is your message. But you can only say this when you really live your life according to My teachings and abandon for ever more those had habits of the past.
Let your lives be so full of love that you can be seen to be what you really are, all of you, children of the living God and beacon of Sai love and light.
It is this outpouring of Sai love and light, My love, that can save the world and bring back peeace and harmony to the people in so many troubled lands.
You are the instruments and I have given each one of you the golden opportunity to work for Sai and humanity. Do not throw away that opportunity.

I am the Lord of the Universe, the Creator, and I have created each one of you individually, hence I know and recognise each one of you when you come to see me in India. I know all about you. I am with each one of you now so I know the thoughts of every single person, as well as what you were thinking yesterday and the day before. Watch your thoughts because it is through these thoughts that you create your own future.
I created you in a state of perfection because you are part of Me. But, during the passage of many lives, you are tossed about by the waves of life and you lose your awareness of divinity. As you get lost, you get more and more drawn away by the materialistic attractions of life in the flesh, life with body, life on earth, and you get more and more confused. Then quite suddenly comes the awakening and it may come at any time. This is the rebirth, the reawakening to the awareness of the divinity within. When this awareness comes, how can you possibly desire anything, except to reach out for God and merge in Him once again, thus experiencing true divinity and perfect bliss?
There will be many temptations on this arduous path but these experiences will prepare you for the long journey ahead.
On this auspicious day, realise that it is a day of rebirth, a chance of rebirth for each one of you. Look at your desires and cravings. Examine them one by one and take a positive decision to cut them out and eliminate them during the course of the year ahead. Examine them again each year on My birthday and keep a record of the progress you have made on the path to divinity. Only in the desireless state can you reach divinity, and yet, it is within the power and grasp of each one of you to reach that state of pure bliss.
Make a new start today.

A compilation of Sai Messages received and recorded by Lucas Ralli .


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